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Looking for level developers

2011-07-25 16:22:08 by Skellus

We, at Retrocade.net are looking for level developers!

People interesting in making quality levels for our games are to mail us at maurycy@retrocade.net.

Right now we are primarily looking for people capable of creating whole levelsets (20-40 levels). If you can make quality levels of that number you won't go unpaid. How much you can get will be individually discussed per game per person per amount of levels you make.

People who only want to make single levels are also encouraged to participate. For those we can offer mention in credits or, if levels are really good, one-time payments.

More details in the official news post.

Looking for level developers


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2011-07-25 16:31:43

Hi :D


2011-07-25 16:37:52

I played Linx and ran into a few game ruining glitches.

Skellus responds:

What glitches?


2011-07-26 16:52:56

Does this require any programing knowledge / Flash? I have neither... :(

But if it's just aranging tilesets into a PNG or whatever you use for you to follow, then I could do that no problem.

Skellus responds:

No programming knowledge needed, just ability to use level editor and skills to make enjoyable levels. Please mail me if you are interested :)


2015-01-14 18:26:30

Id be interesting in picking up an odd job with you.
If you'd like I can add you as a beta tester on my project and you can check out
the "intro" levels for a taste of my competence.

-John Mark


2015-01-16 18:25:20